We care for and evolve your app

We maintain, monitor, and enhance your apps to achieve their maximum performance.


We can host your web apps and ensure their proper operation and maintenance.


Our team is available to analyze new features, situations, or issues with your clients.


We keep the components up to date, conduct security tests, and in the event of an attack or threat, we resolve the issue.


We monitor and control the real-time operation and performance of your apps.


We make adjustments, add functionalities, and implement changes to evolve your app.


We conduct detailed analysis and provide strategic advice to optimize performance, security, and user experience in our client's web applications.


We have different plans that cater to the various needs of the market.

80 USD / month

The minimum required for your site to operate at its best.

Support 9/5
Monitoring 9/5
Annual security testing and adjustments
Resolution of issues within 48 hours
Development and adjustments 6 hours per month
120 USD / month

Raise and improve the level of service. Resolve things sooner.

Support 9/5
Monitoring 24/7
Biannual security testing and adjustments
Resolution of issues within 24 hours
Development and adjustments 12 hours per month
1.000 USD / month

In addition to keeping it operational, evolve constantly.

Support 9/5
Monitoring 24/7
Quarterly security testing and adjustments
Same-day issue resolution
Evolutionary development 40 hours per month
Do you need a 24/7 support model? It can be added with an additional $200 monthly. Inquire for more details.

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We develop MVPs and more in 2 months.

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