Our Apps

Every year we launch an application to the market to solve several unattended problems in LATAM.

Transform your company's management with Kapei, the mobile dashboard that allows you to visualize and track your company's performance numbers and indicators in a centralized way. With Kapei, keep all your data up-to-date easily, quickly, and personalized, optimizing decision-making and improving operational efficiency.

Boost your entrepreneurship with Startup Toolkit, the ultimate platform for entrepreneurs. It provides a complete range of tools and resources designed to efficiently manage the legal, financial, operational, and strategic aspects of your startup. With Startup Toolkit, take your company to the next level with confidence and professionalism.                            

Live your passion for football like never before with Fan Zone Apps. This platform is specifically designed for fans, providing them with a complete and enriching experience around their favorite team. With Fan Zone Apps, access updated news, live scores, match schedules, exclusive multimedia content, and much more, all in one place.

Our Projects

Exclusive online store for the sale and distribution of Sanitarios Abelson's products, leaders in quality and variety

Platform that connects individual customers and businesses with independent couriers for the delivery of parcels or large items

Renowned ART company for which we evolved various internal management systems related to medical assistance and prevention

Saas platform for tax and accounting management, allowing independent accountants to manage their own clients

Platform that connects musicians with rehearsal studios, allowing for booking and hiring of additional services

Web app developed for the management and control of vendors, events, and digital tickets for events and parties

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