We turn ideas into reality

Our goal is to be the reference partner for new Latin American companies,
helping them transform their ideas into successful minimum viable products (MVPs) and scalable applications.

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Our clients end up with 100% functional applications that allow them to be validated in the market at low cost and reducing time to market.

About Engee

We are young, innovative, and eager to make a difference in what we do. We are a boutique with excellence processes of a large company. We have a passion
for what we do, and that drives us to constantly improve. We foster a work environment that prioritizes the balance between our team's work and personal life. We measure ourselves, and we truly do. And we're so confident in what we do that we offer a genuinely guaranteed quality service.
We're there when things are working, but we also take responsibility when they need improvement.

Do you want to evolve your business? We want to evolve with you.

Our history

Engee was founded in Argentina in 2012 and worked for over a decade as a software factory. In 2024, they transitioned into an Apps Factory, specializing exclusively in the development of web/mobile applications for startups or companies that need to launch new products to the market.

This change arose due to the growing development of fourth-generation programming tools that facilitate the creation of MVPs, such as Bubble, Webflow, Flutterflow and the emergence of technologies like artificial intelligence.

We specialize in no-code and low-code tools, speeding up time-to-market and reducing the investment for our clients. We also create our own apps, with the aim of solving various specific issues through apps or microapps.
Currently, our operations are based in Argentina, but our main headquarters is located in the United States.

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